A Brief Summary of Life So Far…

Some things that have happened in the last few months:

  • Wrapped up helping at CRICS (Chiang Rai International Christian School) & turned down the opportunity to teach 11th grade English
  • Went home for furlough & saw one of my life-long friends get married. Spent time with family & friends, met my niece for the first time, & celebrated the 50th anniversary of Southlands Church.
  • Got a traditional bamboo tattoo in Cambodia!
  • Ate a fried tarantula while leading a team trip (Lead by example, am I right?)  — photos on my photo page of this blog!
  • Led five teams through Thailand & Cambodia & it went well!
  • Took a holiday post-teams to the hippie town of Pai. Ate at a rabbit filled cafe, drank lots of kambucha, & spent 90% of the time sitting outside cafes reading while it rained. The dream!
  • Learned how to drive a manual truck!
  • Helped paint our prevention home/renovate a storage room into a counseling room
  • Continued in my hobby of film photography & have shot 5 more rolls of film (ok so this probably didn’t need to be included but I’m really stoked & can’t wait for the scans to come back!)
  • Checked Angkor Wat off my bucket list! And Ta Prohm (the tree-covered Tomb Raider temple)
  • Broke my toe (lame!)
  • The broken toe set back my plan to start Muay Thai again but I’ll be doing that again soon!
  • Made some big decisions but that’ll come in a separate blog in the next few days.

Such a quick, boring update but I wanted to get something out. Will be writing more soon! Click the menu to the right and visit the photo page to see some snapshots! Love you all ❤


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