These Blogs Don’t Write Themselves…

Man. Ain’t that the truth.

Three months have gone by (Ah! What? How?)  without so much as a single paragraph posted. This is due in part to the fact that I started a Facebook group for friends and supporters & I’ve found that it’s much easier to throw a quick status up on there than it’s been for me to sit down & write on here. And I think that that is part truth, part laziness, & part a desire to be deep & eloquent & ulra-spiritual & choosing to not post until I feel I can write that way. Yet I haven’t been able to let go of this page nor the nagging desire to keep it up.

So, here we are. It may not be eloquent or full of shining rays of insight but I’ve decided to be okay with that. Hopefully you are too. Or not? It’s all good!


Four months in & life here in Chiang Rai has settled & many of us have found routines within our various roles & responsibilities. We soft-launched One Light Church TWO months ago & it has been amazing to see people from various ministries in CR come together to praise God & delve into His word. We’ll be launching life groups soon & I’m excited to see how this community comes together & grows closer as we go through this new year!


Our first service!

Things you can pray for:

  • One Light Church would continue to grow
  • Homesickness wouldn’t overwhelm us we approach the 6 month mark, but rather we’d grow even closer as a team.
  • That I/we would be sensitive to God’s leading & continue to pursue the things He has for us here in all areas– business opportunities, jobs, & relationships with locals/farangs (foreigners!)



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